Claudia Brentwood

Claudia Brentwood

Artist’s Biography

Claudia Brentwood has been a creative artist since childhood. She is of Chippewa descent and is a registered member of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. Her work has focused on the exploration of Native American history, ancestry and culture in a variety of media.

Claudia’s creativity has led her down many avenues: she is a painter, has created murals and designed trompe l’oeil. She has also displayed her work through interior design and decoration on furniture, fountains, frames and other pieces intended to create an atmosphere of unity and harmony. Her work has taken her around the world and has inspired her artistic endeavors, from the rustic towns of Mexico to the luxurious beaches of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, to the castles of Scotland and Europe. However, the memory of her childhood, and the rhythmic ceremonial dances and rituals of her ancestors, has led her to focus primarily on the culture of the American Indian.

Claudia also has experience in marketing and sales and has worked in the investment environment. She has been active in developing mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, and has conducted seminars on these and related subjects.

Claudia currently resides in Santa Monica, California.

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