Past  Exhibits

 "Neshkinukat on the Bridge"

Was held at the Los  Angeles City Hall, October 25th, 2018 through January 6th, 2019. The exhibit was curated by our own Dawn Jackson.

Participating Neshkinukat Artists: Gail Werner, Nadiya Reed, Val Dismukes, Rowan Harrison, Corina Roberts, Maree Cheatam, Dawn Jackson, Claudia Brentwood, Tima Lota Link, Nadiya Littlewarrior, and Kat High.

Great Show!

Our mask show at the Old Town Newhall Library

in Santa Clarita, California

was a great success. Thank you all.



Read the featured article:

Ernesto Yerena

Corrina Roberts



Bernie Granados and Val Dismukes

AMarvin and Jonette Yazzie

Matthew Whitebear McMasters

Buffalo Spirit Dancer and Bernie


Bernie Granados




Walter and Corrina Roberts



Rowan D. Harrison pottery



Neshkinukat on the Bridge

Presented by the Los Angeles City/County

Native American Indian Commission

Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street,

Room 240, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Closed in November,

"American Indian Heritage Month"



Represented: Bernie Granados, Valena Dismukes, Nadia Reed, Nadiya Littlewarrior, Dawn Jackson, Claudia Brentwood, Gail Werner, Corina Roberts - plus a few Newcomers to Neshkinukat: Evelyn Lozano, Heather Rae, and Arigon Star.









Neshkinukat at NO HO

Art opening in NoHo.


Dennis Garcia and Harold Freeland


Neshkinukat's own Carlos Reynosa